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Did you know I used to be a top 10 doubles player?

September 6, 2011

Yep, it’s true. Doubles used to be my game: three career titles, two-runner-up finishes, success on hard and clay courts—that was me.

Granted, this was all at the amateur level, but I still had a top 10 doubles ranking in the juniors—two years in a row!

I don’t get to play dubs as much anymore, but I still follow it on the pro level a ton and hope to bring that Tennis Talk, Anyone?-style to writing about it. I’ll be offering up opinions and predictions on both the ATP and WTA tours. Also, I do have some connections to players that have had much greater double success than I ever had and I’ll be tapping their brains for tips to pass along to readers.

So welcome to The Doubles Alley! More stuff will be coming—you know, the Facebook fan page, the Twitter account and a redesign. So stick around for some exciting “four”-play! (I’m even groaning over that pun and I wrote it!)

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