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Your First Doubles Finalists: Chin-Wei Chan and Xinyun Han

September 22, 2011

Sometimes, the doubles action gets so quick at a tournament that before you know it, you already have a team of finalists–days before the weekend!

Of course, time zones play a big part: I just can’t think everyone out there is running on Eastern Standard Time like this New York resident.

Anyway, between the four events going on between the ATP and WTA tours this week, the first set of finalists are set at the WANLIMA Guangzhou International Women’s Open in Guangzhou, China: another stop on the WTA’s Asian swing. Chin-Wei Chan and Xinyun Han have advanced, and for Chan, it has to be a pretty big deal as this is her second career final. But what’s really remarkable about her career is that most of her success has been found at the ITF level, where she’s picked up 38 doubles victories. She’s like the “Crash Davis” of women’s dubs!

(Hope someone catches the “Bull Durham” reference!)

Getting to the penultimate stage after years of toiling in the minors is a major deal, and here’s hoping for her sake she gets to hold up the big winner’s trophy at the end!

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