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The WTA championships needs eight teams again

October 20, 2011

Is it really that much of a hassle to have four more teams compete at the year-end championships in Istanbul next week?

I’m sorry, but a four-team tournament just doesn’t seem right, by any means. Is it about paying for extra lodging? Prize money? I know times are tight, but this move has always failed to capture the meaning of a true YEC. Win two matches and you’re the champ? Why even bother having the tournament if it gets treated with such little care?

I do want to say congrats to the teams that are going: Dulko/Pennetta, Huber/Raymond, Srebotnik/Peschke and King/Shvedova–worthy champions all.

But how much more exciting an event would it be if those pairings actually had to battle it out for a week with squads outside the top four?

Or if you have to keep it at four teams, why not have it as a round-robin event at least?

Those are a lot of questions I just asked, I know. I wish there were some answers on how to liven things up.

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