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Props to Bob and Mike, but Give It Up for Johnny Mac

December 12, 2011

So today, Bob and Mike Bryan set the record for longest time spent at number one in the doubles standings. They’re now at 271 total weeks, not a bad stretch to be on top. It’s only fitting that record should be theirs as nearly every other one is.

Anyway, the previous record-holder was John McEnroe, who spent 270 weeks on top.

Now wait, just soak that in: John McEnroe spent more than five years as the number-one doubles player in the world. That’s pretty impressive, especially as he’s considered one of the best singles players of all time!

McEnroe won 77 doubles titles: 76 of them from 1978 to ’92, and then for good measure, another one in 2006, years after he retired from full-time play on tour.

Doubles just worked into McEnroe’s skill set: Who had better hands at the net? And also, who could set up their partner for easier knockoff volleys than he could with that lefty serve of his? He just flat-out dominated, which gave weight to the answer of “John McEnroe and anybody” when asked who the best doubles team was.

And he wasn’t too shabby in singles either!

So congrats to Bob and Mike for another amazing achievement in their Hall of Fame career. But also, don’t forget whose record they just broke and realize how amazing that achievement of Johnny Mac’s was, too.

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