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Vania King and Yaroslava Shvedova in Charleston — Apart

April 4, 2012

The other day, two-time Grand Slam champ Yaroslava Shvedova posted on her website the reason she’s not playing with her partner in those Slam wins, American Vania King, right now. And basically, it comes down to the Olympics. Those two will be teaming up at the French, though, and will start playing together again after the summer games. You can read more here.

This week, both of them are in Charleston. But here’s something weird: They’re not playing with partners to advance any Olympic aspirations. And in an even-more shocking twist, they’re going up against each other in the first round there! King and Anastasia Rodionova take on Shvedova and Anabel Medina Garrigues.

If King and Shvedova are planning on reuniting at Roland Garros, why wouldn’t they have played this clay-court event? Granted, the French is still a ways away, but with the points they have to defend there, any and all practice time could be beneficial.

It’s enough to make this blogger’s head spin!

(Photo: The Associated Press)

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