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Is There Time to Catch Up for Rajeev Ram and Scott Lipsky?

May 4, 2012

Earlier this year, I wrote something here about that little bit of summer activity we like to call the Olympics and players’ push to be part of it could make room for others to get near the top of the rankings.

One of the teams I thought would be able to challenge for some big tournaments over the year was the pairing of Americans Scott Lipsky and Rajeev Ram. 2012 started solidly for the team with a semifinal appearance in Chennai and a quarterfinal finish at the Australian Open.

Then there was pretty much nothing.

Last week’s Barcelona event was their first playing together since Dubai. Over that time apart, they had varying levels of success. It looked like more than anything Ram was trying to focus on getting his singles ranking back up, a noble pursuit.

But what if they had played a few more events together over that time? In only their second tournament back together, they’re in the semifinals of the Serbia Open and have a good shot at getting to the finals. Could they’ve contended for the year’s first few Masters 1000 events? Picked up a couple of minor titles?

Of course, there’s plenty of tennis left on the season, but looking back I just wonder if they would’ve emerged as a truly elite squad, particularly after all the shaking up in men’s doubles.

It looks like that push starts now with the Serbia Open.

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