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Will Tamarine Tanasugarn Play Tennis Forever?

September 21, 2012

I know, that may be an odd subject to write about for my first post since the bygone days of Wimbledon 2012, but I couldn’t help it.

I was just checking out the drawsheets on the WTA and ATP tours and the fact that she and Shuai Zhang are in the finals in Guangzhou jumped out at me. I always feel like Tanasugarn plays such a limited schedule and next thing you know, when you do see her in the agate, she’s deep in the draw.

Not bad for a player on the north side of 30.

And if she wanted to, she could make a decent living on the doubles circuit. Perhaps just as surprisingly, though, she’s still ranked in the top 120 in singles. And that, too, isn’t bad for someone who’s been a pro since 1994.

Tanasugarn has won seven doubles titles in her career, with the most recent coming in 2010, which is actually the last time she made a final. Her last time in the title match was a plus. What’s to say it won’t happen again this time?

And if not, there’s always 2014, or ’16. Odds are she’ll still be playing at this rate—and doing well, too.


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