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I Can’t Say It Enough: The Bryan Brothers Deserve More Recognition

April 19, 2014


OK, so we’re a couple of matches away from the Bryan Brothers winning their fifth title in a row.

But bigger than that, Mike B. is going for his 100th career title.

That wasn’t a typo. One hundred.

That’s a lot of hardware.

They’re also close to winning their 100th title together, far eclipsing anything any great male doubles team of the past has pulled off.

And still, they don’t get the attention they deserve for such tremendous achievements.

Granted, notice from outside the tennis world is hard to come by for any of the game’s greats, even in singles. And the doubles game has had its struggles with being in the shadow of said singles for years now.

Still, though, 100? That’s front page news and should be treated as such.

Sometimes, greatness gets taken for granted, even though a lot of work goes into racking up such gaudy statistics. The Bryan Brothers are true exemplars of that and have also been the faces of the game for years, which carries its own set of responsibilities. They’ve navigated through all of their on- and off-court duties more than admirably, which finds them close to a number once thought unattainable.

Hopefully, the accolades will follow once they reach that point.

(Photo: AP)

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